Jolly Ollie's Pizza History
Dilya Knight came to America in 2008 with one red suitcase and a dream.  She believed in the American dream before ever stepping foot into the United States.  She spent the first year in America learning English and working in a restaurant in downtown Nashville.  Upon meeting her husband Michael, they brainstormed together what they could do to improve their lives and the lives of those they loved.  That is when an opportunity became available.  

The restaurant the had been working in was going up for sale as the owner had decided to retire.  Seeing an opportunity, Dilya and Michael began seeking credit to purchase the restaurant.  However, due to their financial status, they were unable to secure the loan necessary to make that dream come true.  

Refusing to accept the outcome, they decided they would just open up their own restaurant and began working massive overtime to save up the funds to purchase equipment.  They also began looking for commerical space that previously held restaurants in order to save some money when it came to in ground grease traps, electrical requirments, etc..  

They found a location at 393 E. Main Street, in what was the "Old Walmart Building", and began building out their new dream.  But unfortunately is was a dream that would cost them a lot, both financially and in their personal lives.  For the first three years, both Michael and Dilya worked full time outside jobs as well as working full time in their new restaurant, on average working 100 to 120 hours a week each.  

The excessive amount of work started to become taxing on Michael and he began speaking to Dilya on closing the restuarant.  However, Dilya refused to quit.  She had gone to far already and would stand tall through the difficulties.  

That is when an opportunity arose.  A stand alone building that had housed "The Italian Grill" became available for lease.  Wasting no time, Dilya began speaking to the buildings owner about our concept and shortly after, Jolly Ollie's would have a new home!

Jolly Ollie's has now been in operation 9 years, six of those years at the present location!  A two story restaurant that allows for a family friendly dining experience on the main floor and a more adult bar setting on the second floor.

Dilya now happily runs the restaurant that you all have come to know and love.  She is a member of the city's Rotary Club and loves to donate pizzas to Hendersonville's Finest Police Department for the service they provide in protecting our city and keeping it safe!  She organizes many fun events around the restaurant and continues to improve the environment around her.  Her goal in 2019 is to develop a side building outdoor seating area and to begin construction on the rear of the building to allow for outside entertainment, including an outdoor stage for special events.

The staff at Jolly Ollie's Pizza & Pub work hard with Dilya to provide Hendersonville TN with the best dine in, delivery and pick up service available and they hope that you will continue to provide your patronage long into the future! 
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